Vehicle Mileage Criteria

Beginning June 1st 2017, the value is based on the following maximum allowable total vehicle mileage at the time of actual sale:

  •  Model Year 2011 70,000 kms
  •  Model Year 2012 60,000 kms
  •  Model Year 2013 50,000 kms
  •  Model Year 2014 40,000 kms
  •  Model Year 2015 30,000 kms
  •  Model Year 2016 20,000 kms
  •  Model Year 2017 10,000 kms

For vehicles exceeding the above maximum mileage limits and not disallowed by the Vehicle Exclusions or the Vehicle Condition Criteria outlined in the Program Guidelines, the value offered to the customer must be reduced by $10.00 (Porsche) and $20.00 (all other brands) for each kilometre over the maximum mileage allowance.

Adjusting Trade-In Value

If your vehicle exceeds the maximum mileage limits stated above and is not disallowed by the Vehicle Exclusions or the Vehicle Condition Criteria, your Porsche dealer will calculate a value based on your vehicle’s actual mileage.

Vehicle Exclusions

Active leased vehicles are excluded from this offer. Active commercial fleet vehicles are excluded from this offer.

Current vehicle cannot be titled in a bank or finance company name. Vehicles originally allocated outside of Trinidad and Tobago are excluded from this offer. The owner(s) of the current vehicle must reside in Trinidad and Tobago. Vehicles originally sold in a foreign country are excluded from this offer even if a value is provided. Vehicles owned by a customer who did not purchase a new Porsche vehicle under this program are not eligible. Vehicles that do not meet the minimum conditional criteria are not eligible. Vehicles that received goodwill from Porsche AG that have reoccurring mechanical issues are ineligible. Vehicles that have accident and/or damage information listed on vehicle history are excluded from the repurchase.

Vehicle Condition Criteria

The Guaranteed Trade-In Program Value is based on the vehicle being in safe operating condition and free of existing and/or previously repaired collision damage which required panel and/or part(s) replacement. The vehicle must also conform to the standards for normal wear and use.

Meeting any one of the following criteria will exclude the vehicle from the Trade-In Program:

  • Vehicles that do not have a current registration or inspection, that cannot be legally registered as a passenger vehicle.
  • Vehicles previously used for racing, emergency vehicle applications or other extreme uses for which the vehicle was not designed.
  • Vehicles where the odometer/speedometer has been replaced, tampered with and/or is currently inoperative, or vehicles with an undocumented odometer change, falsified mileage accumulation, interrupted or limited odometer occurrence, or any vehicle whose true mileage cannot be determined.
  • Vehicles with any condition that would require disclosure at time of auction sale and/or on certificate of title, including but not limited to, frame damage, flood damage, or salvage vehicle.
  • Vehicles used for a purpose that requires a legal disclosure to sell, e.g. vehicles having been in rental service.
  • Vehicles with branded titles for “totalled”, “salvage”, “rebuilt”, “Lemon Law”, “flood”, and/or “water damage” regardless of their repaired or service status or vehicles sold with wholesale or retail disclosures.
  • Vehicles that have been modified in such a way as to have either voided the original Manufacturer Warranty or to have taken the vehicle out of compliance with any applicable state or federal safety or emissions requirements.
  • Vehicles that have been altered from their original design specification in any manner. These alterations include, but are not limited to exhaust system, turbo or engine components, tire, wheel, suspension, powertrain performance, and aftermarket accessory installations, etc.
  • Vehicles that have been abused or neglected resulting in premature wear or damage or vehicles where it is evident that the recommended scheduled maintenance has not been performed as determined by an Authorized Porsche Centre.
  • Vehicles that do not have four (4) undamaged matching tires with each one having at least 1/8-inch (4/32) tread at its lowest point.
  • Vehicles with engine drivetrain, or other mechanical, safety, or electrical parts that do not operate.
  • Vehicles with windows, windshield, lenses, or lights that are cracked or broken and need replacement.
  • Vehicles that have sustained structural or unibody damage as defined by industry standards whether repaired or un-repaired.
  • Vehicles with environmental or applied chemical damage to the finish such as outdoor parking (morning dew, excessive sun, constant rain, etc.)
  • Vehicles with existing, un-repaired collision damage.
  • Vehicles with previously repaired collision damage which required panel or part(s) replacement, including but not limited to, hood, fender, door, trunk lid, and/or quarter panel.
  • Vehicles with previously repaired paint damage which does not conform to OEM specifications, including but not limited to, non-matched paint, paint swirls, paint bubbles, paint flaking and/or paint contamination.
  • Vehicles that receive Goodwill from Porsche AG due to reoccurring mechanical issues.
  • Vehicles that have accident and/or damage information listed on vehicle history report, e.g., Motor Critic, CreditChex, etc. are excluded from the Trade repurchase. The Porsche Centre is authorized to conduct an examination to determine if the damage would be considered acceptable.